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Introduction To Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

You can probably live without food for a few weeks and without water for a few days, but without oxygen, you may only last a few minutes. We normally don’t think of oxygen as a nutrient, but oxygen is an essential nutrient that our body cannot produce. With age, inflammation, and tissue injury, our bodies become less efficient at utilizing oxygen. Our recovery slows, skin wrinkles, and pain persists.

Under normal conditions, the only cells in the body that carries oxygen are our red blood cells. In our hyperbaric oxygen chamber, 1.3 atm pressure is applied. Under pressure, oxygen will dissolve directly into lymph, blood plasma, and other body tissues. Oxygen absorption is no longer limited by the number of our red blood cells or how quickly they circulate to those tissues. Every cell of our body utilizes oxygen to produce energy and for multiple other purposes.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy gives our cells the abundance of oxygen to increase cellular energy and optimize functions in tissue repair, growing new blood vessels, nerve repair, mobilizing stem cells, etc. In short, HBOT reduces inflammation, promotes healing and reverses aging. 

Important Things To Know Before Doing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Individuals suffering from any ear condition or ear pain should consult a physician before receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment. 

What To Expect During HBOT

As the pressure increases at the beginning or decreases at the end of the treatment, your ears might “pop” as though you are in the airplane during take-off or landing. You will be lying down in a comfortable personal inflatable chamber at MiraZone Therapy. You can bring a book, your phone, or a tablet to enjoy during your treatment or simply take a nap.