How Much Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Cost?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or HBOT, is a treatment that uses 100% pure oxygen in high-pressure chambers. There are many benefits to this type of treatment including increased blood flow and reduced inflammation. The cost of the treatment can vary depending on the severity of your illness or injury but there are also programs available for those who cannot afford it.

If you’re interested in learning more about hyperbaric oxygen therapy and how much it costs, this guide should be of help.      

Whether the Condition is Considered On-Label or Off-Label

The FDA has approved the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for several illnesses and injuries, including radiation tissue damage, diabetic lower extremity wounds (diabetic foot ulcers), failed skin grafts, and flaps. These are known as on-label conditions; carbon monoxide poisoning is also included in this list.

Being off-label doesn’t mean ineffective or unsafe. Many types of pharmaceutical drugs are commonly prescribed by physicians in the United States every day, and they can be used for many purposes outside of their FDA approval without any side effects.

When a procedure is FDA-approved, it’s often covered by the patient’s insurance. HBOT however has a much wider range of applications and is supported by research and treatment outcomes, provides help in treating many conditions for which currently are off-label in America but with great success rates around the world.

Type of Provider and Location

HBOT programs can be found in two main categories: hospital-based and independent. The cost of care differs significantly between the two types, as does experience with different patient groups. 

Hospital-based HBOT providers generally accept most insurance plans but are only able to treat patients who fall within their label protocols due to strict criteria for reimbursement from insurers.

Independent providers may have more flexible requirements when it comes to accepting health coverage, but since many do not take any at all – there is a risk involved that needs consideration before committing.

The cost per treatment will range from $250-$450 for HBOT. Insurance may not cover the costs of these off-label conditions, so it is important to find an independent provider in your area who can make appointments convenient and affordable for you.

The Severity of Your Symptoms

It is important to determine if the symptoms you are experiencing are serious, as they can vary in severity and have a big impact on how your treatment goes. For example, if an issue isn’t addressed right away it may lead to more severe consequences down the road.

The severity of your symptoms will determine how much HBOT you need. According to experts, for milder cases, the course may take two sessions over some time whereas more severe conditions can require six or eight daily treatments with an hour-long session each one. 

Your health care provider will recommend which course is best suited for you and it’s possible that even if only some of these are covered by insurance providers others might be able to come out of their pocket as well.

The good news is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is offered here at MiraZone Therapy and you can talk to our team about it by calling us at (713) 485 6108 or booking your appointment with us online.

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