How Alternative Medicine Relieves Sinus and Ear Infections

How Alternative Medicine Relieves Sinus and Ear Infections

Today, we’ll be talking about how alternative medicine can be an effective treatment for sinus and ear infections. Hopefully, this will help you decide what to do when you’re dealing with a cold or infection. 

Many people believe that natural remedies are the best way to treat a sinus or ear infection. One of the most popular is hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which involves breathing in pure oxygen under pressure from an enclosed chamber. The theory behind it is that it helps clear bacteria out of the body’s tissues and blood vessels, as well as reducing inflammation and swelling in your nasal passages, throat, and ears. 

Symptoms of Sinus Infection

Sinus infections can be a little trickier to deal with than other upper respiratory ailments such as the cold. Symptoms of sinuses include feeling full in your ear because of blockages, but not hearing loss; nasal congestion and facial pain are also common symptoms. In some cases you may even feel pressure on different parts around all over your face or have pain on top teeth–in case these sound like something that’s been bothering you for more than just a day or two it might be worth talking to an Ear Nose Throat specialist about what could work best!

Symptoms of Ear Infection

A common ear infection symptom is a sense of hearing loss or muffled sound. You may also experience pain in the ears and throat, as well as fluid buildup in your middle ear space. Other symptoms can be discharged from one or both ears when you yawn, fever with no other sources for it like colds, or allergies to antibiotics – all signs that should prompt a trip to the doctor’s office!

A person who has an acute soreness on top of their head might have what’s known medically (and more commonly) called “mastoiditis.” That means they are infected behind either their inner-ear structure where there isn’t much access by light or air which makes treatment difficult if not caught early enough.

How We Can Help You Relieve Sinus and Ear Infections

Alternative medicine has been a popular treatment for sinus and ear infections, but what is it? Alternative medicine includes any type of treatment that does not fall into the traditional medical category. This can include things like acupuncture, herbal remedies, supplements, or even special diets. One alternative therapy in particular that has shown some success with these types of ailments is hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Our Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) uses 100% pure oxygen while you are inside a pressurized chamber to help promote healing and relief from your symptoms. 

If you have never heard of this alternative form of medicine before, then we highly recommend booking an appointment at MiraZone Therapy. Our team of experts will explain to you just how HBOT works and why it’s such an effective treatment option for those suffering from sinus and ear infections.